In 1989, the infamous Madonna came out with a song titled, “Express Yourself.”  The upbeat dance, pop song was created to inspired females to always stand up for themselves and never settle for second-best. Recently, Lady Gaga, came out with a song called “Born This Way.” The similarities between the two songs have not gone unnoticed, especially by Madonna. Earlier in the year, Madonna explained to Newsweek that she felt Gaga’s “Born This Way” was a great way to redo her song from the eighties. More recently, the controversy over the song has gotten more intense and heated.

Madonna was caught on tape at her MDNA tour rehersal performing a mash-up of her song, “Express Yourself” and Gaga’s song, “Born This Way.” At the end of the mash-up, she incorporates yet another song, Hard Candy’s “She’s Not Me.” By doing this, Madonna made her intentions very clear. She is not happy! Watch out, Gaga!

Although the two artists are feuding, they might have more in common than they think. Both females are trend setters for their generation. They have both made huge impacts on the way younger generations see themselves in society and express themselves. Additionally, both artists have made a huge impact on what is considered fashion for  their time. Madonna portrayed a very risqué appearance compared to the other artists of her time and Gaga has been seen in just some flat out WEIRD outfits that no one else would ever dare trying, until now!


Here, Madonna is look fierce, wearing a silver snake pendant, to match her black headband with silver embroidering and black v-neck sweater.


Here, Lady Gaga looks just as fierce, wearing multiple gold bangles, rings, and earrings, to really bring out the red in her lipstick and give her black hoodie some flare.